Vanessa Bryant shared an emotional message for her daughter, Natalia. Check it out below.

‘Natalia almost missed her senior prom last night. When I was a senior in high school, Kobe and I were engaged and he had a playoff game the night of my prom. Kobe didn’t want me going to prom without him and I didn’t want to go without him. When we heard Natalia’s prom night and Kobe’s Hall of Fame night were on the same night, I looked at Natalia and said,” well if it’s any consolation, daddy kept me from going to my prom, so it’s only right that he tried to keep you from going to yours.” 😃 Of course we laughed because even in heaven, he’s still trying to make moves and keep the boys away. Natalia’s experienced so much loss, I couldn’t let her miss out on her once in a lifetime opportunity to go to her senior prom. Thank you for flying out to accept daddy’s Hall of Fame jacket and fly home the next morning. #HallofFame #SeniorPromNight @nataliabryant.’

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Someone said: ‘Man I miss Kobe, I know he’d be so proud of his wife and his girls though ❤️👏🏾’ and a commenter posted this: ‘Anytime I see anything Kobe related, I get so damn sick. Life is so cruel.’

Someone else posted this message: ‘Engaged to a basketball superstar while a senior in high school 😌 When I was a senior I was recording fights on my phone 🥲.’

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One other follower said: ‘My heart goes out to them.. Vanessa is one strong woman!’

Someone else said: ‘Imagine your dad not being there physically for your prom … It hurts 💔 I feel for them,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘The flying part scaring me. Those quick day flights would be a no no for me.’

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